Olena Nitefor

Olena came to the Feldenkrais Method® with a background in functional anatomy and dance. Graduating from accredited training in 1987, she has been teaching anatomy in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs since the early ’90s. She has two published video advanced pieces of training: “Seeing and Sensing the Skeleton” and “Subjective Middle,” which have been useful learning tools for many practitioners. She maintains an active private practice in Toronto, Canada, and continues teaching internationally. A highly creative thinker, a clear and supportive teacher, she has been developing and teaching advanced training curricula in Europe and North America for 20 years.

Erifily Nikola

Erifily Nikola is a Feldenkrais Practitioner from Athens, Greece. 

She is also a Kripalu yoga teacher, an anatomy enthusiast, and an apprentice clown.

In her classes, online and off, she offers people space and time to unfold themselves.

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Frederick Schjang

Frederick Schjang is a nationally recognized fitness educator and innovator who specializes in the Feldenkrais Method®. Schjang coordinates the Feldenkrais Festival Online Membership Program which features daily classes highlighting himself and sought-after teachers from around the country. He maintains a private practice and mentors other instructors in the field. His annual Feldenkrais Festival has become a must-attend event for fitness and Feldenkrais enthusiasts alike.

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Margaret Kaye

Margaret is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Assistant Trainer, and a Bones for Life teacher.

Due to an occupational overuse injury, Margaret was unable to work for several years. She now specializes in this area. She works with performers in the Body Awareness for Musicians class at the Australian Institute of Music, and for actors at the National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA). She developed corporate programs for the prevention of work-related injuries and workplace assessments through the Smart Sitting© program. She improves running ability and efficiency through the Running Easy program.

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Alexandros Ioannou

I am a physiotherapist working mainly with the neurological patient and people with motor difficulties. I came across Feldenkrais as a junior PT student as early as 1995 and concluded my FM studies in 2015 in Athens Greece. I have taught for over 15 years at the University in Athens and cherish the Feldenkrais Method as an excellent pedagogical tool. I support first-person/experiential perspectives in education and have vigorously advocated their broader implementation. I currently teach online both in Greek and English languages and enjoy exploring movement from various perspectives (sports, martial arts, dance).

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Andrea Hennen

Born 1965 in Losheim am See, Germany, Andrea Hennen is a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method and has been since 1996. From 2017 to 2020 she continued her studies with Anat Baniel and is now also an Anat Baniel – ®️NeuroMovement®️ Practitioner for Children and adults.

Andrea travels the world to work with children with special needs and gives parenting workshops while maintaining her busy practice in Germany.

Together with two other Practitioners, she created “The Moving Center“, a Teamwork Project to help parents and children around the world with online coaching workshops and in-person visits, as soon as traveling is possible again.

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David Hall

David Hall is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Assistant Trainer, Alexander Teacher, Dancer, and speaker who has been a somatic adventurer for over 30 years. His online classes are attended by people from all over the world. He lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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Georgi Laney

Georgi Laney, founder of Move To Vitality, has a passion for empowering people to express themselves with confidence. She saw her love of the Feldenkrais Method and her dedication as an amateur musician as perfect ways to enhance her work as a Speech Pathologist.

Georgi loves facilitating learning and growth in groups and workshop environments and has delivered many workshops to musicians, teachers and health care professionals. She had a vision to facilitate living a life of connection, confidence and vitality with people of Newcastle, Australia. She and her team now share this vision globally.

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Gisella Warmenhoven

Gisella Warmenhoven is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2010 and an Assistant Trainer since 2020. She has a special interest in helping people improve what they already love doing.

Her own passions include edible gardening, performing arts, languages, and meditation. She practices in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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Helena Mena

Since I was very young I have been very interested in learning about how we move and different ways of improving when we have dysfunction. This led me to study massage therapy and Osteopathy in Spain, and my adventurous self combined traveling around the globe with learning from different disciplines that have always broadened my approach.

But it was when I started learning about The Feldenkrais Method, when I found this piece that I was missing, not only in my work but also in my personal journey. It has become a big part of my work since for me it brings a whole new world of possibilities and alternatives to our function and life experience.

Sharing this passion with my clients and students in my studio in Berlin is one of my biggest honors.

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Jeff Haller

Jeff Haller, Ph.D., Feldenkrais Trainer, regards the Feldenkrais Method® as a pathway to the inner composure necessary for living a creative life in a challenging world. He studied directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the Feldenkrais Method. In 1983, Jeff graduated from his own professional training program in Amherst, Massachusetts. From 1984–1991 his studio offered classes in Feldenkrais, Aikido, Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation. Since 1993, Jeff’s primary focus has been to train Feldenkrais Method teachers and sustain an extensive private practice in Bellevue, WA.

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Joe Webster

Joe began his study of Martial Arts and Meditation when he was only 18 – 20 years ago.

He was lucky to train under a Taiji Grand Master and lineage holder in both Chan (Zen) and Tibetan Buddhism. After many years of study, he gained some insight into mental and physical health from an Eastern perspective, he was unfortunately also experiencing severe pain in his knees every time he practiced. It was bad enough to make him think he would have to give up altogether.

It was during that time that he realized his approach to practice was too heavy-handed, and he needed to find a lighter more playful approach to self-improvement. This led him to look for new avenues, and it was during this time he was advised to read ‘The Potent Self’ by Moshe Feldenkrais. The ideas in that book had a profound effect on him and resonated deeply with his developing views on self-compassion. So much so, that he decided to undertake the 4-year professional training a few years later.

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Joy Ackwonu

Joy Ackwonu is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer. Since 2012, she has been teaching groups and individual lessons in her own practice. In 2016 she became a full partner in the Feldenkrais Institut Wien OG.

With her background and studies in contemporary stage dance and social sciences, Joy enjoys working with different people of diverse origins and ages.

Through many years of learning and working with David Webber, Joy Ackwonu has specialized on the topic of eyes and seeing clearly within the Feldenkrais Method.

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Julieta Mateo

From Argentina via Spain she is passionate about life, and in constant exploration towards effortless movement. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching from a Somatic approach.

ATM Feldenkrais certified Practitioner. Julieta has Trained in Classical &Vinyasa Yoga, and certified as a physical Theater Improviser. Recently moved to Australia leading workshops around the world combining Yoga, Improv Theatre, and Feldenkrais techniques to enrich her collective and private classes with spontaneity and connection with the present moment.

Her passion is to share and explore these new perspectives of thinking, sensing, and moving, embracing the natural instinct that lives in everyone, allowing access to a better quality of life.

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Larry Goldfarb

Feldenkrais teacher and trainer, movement scientist, and multimedia author, Larry Goldfarb, CFT, Ph.D., has been practicing Moshe’s method for 43 years, teaching it for 38, and training others for 28. Engaging and intellectually rigorous, Larry is simultaneously a fun, straightforward, and collegial teacher who enjoys nothing more than building confidence, fostering competence, and creating community. He is known and appreciated for his ability to make neurophysical learning understandable, relevant, and accessible.

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Maggy Burrowes

Maggy began teaching Awareness Through Movement classes in 1989, graduated in 1990, in London, and she has been teaching, both privately, and in colleges, universities, and adult education centers, in the UK and abroad, ever since. She is still involved in UK training programmes as an experienced practitioner, giving individual lessons to trainee teachers for Garet Newell’s Sussex-based training programmes. Maggy’s Feldenkrais-based Potent Voice system is the culmination of her years of teaching experience, her ongoing research into state-of-the-art voice training science, and the development and expansion of her own vocal performance abilities.

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Dr. Melody Lin

Melody Lin (DMA) enjoys a versatile career as flautist, pedagogue, and certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. She graduated from the New Zealand Feldenkrais Training Programme in 2019 and has been combining her insight and knowledge as a performing artist with the Feldenkrais® Method to help people of all ages to play their instruments with ease, improve their sound quality, and deepen their creativity. She has given Feldenkrais lessons at the University of Auckland School of Music, Pettman National Junior Academy of Music, and other music schools around Auckland. Melody runs a busy private practice in Auckland teaching both flute and the Feldenkrais Method.

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Michael Landau

After 30 years as a professional pianist and university teacher, I felt it was time for a change, and decided to teach Feldenkrais full-time, turning this wonderful method from a faithful sidekick to my main occupation. As a first-time entrepreneur, I quickly found out that I had no idea how to manage my time and had to deep-dive into the art of habit creation. As a consequence, I’ve created online programs of short, daily, conscious movement sequences that help my students settle into the habit of taking a break, looking within, and practicing awareness to create improvement, well-being, and growth.

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Nadia Chavka

Hello, my name is Nadia and, as many others, I have a composite biography that does not follow a single-story line. I have been involved in professional sports (swimming and academic learning – journalism) prior to my professional Feldenkrais training. I love plants and gardening and that has been part of my career, as well as aviation, for nearly a decade. I had a difficult start in life, resulting in post-natal trauma (broken rib and time in NICU) and developed physical asymmetries that have affected the quality of my life to the point that it became important to me to face the situation. The underlying feeling at that point in my life being the realization that I`m prone to physical trauma (that was in my early 30-ies) and that I had to rely on determination and effort more than I wished in order to achieve. There was background anxiety that kept on creeping in. I became a fully qualified practitioner in 2015 and since have worked with many with special abilities. The focus of my practice is improving the function-driven motor-sensory skills in the context of opposing gravity and reaching, developing, and re-integrating developmental and transitional milestones. It has been interesting to engage with individuals immersed in the creative fields, as I can offer the necessary functional expertise out of the context of a habitual syntax and format, for the ones that are prepared to approach their skill set from a more humanistic point of view. I hope we can enjoy our time spent together.

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Nick Strauss-Klein

Nick Strauss-Klein is the creator and voice of FeldenkraisProject.com, an acclaimed, donor-supported source of free, high-quality, public class recordings that serves thousands of monthly online visitors from around the world. Nick has studied and taught the Feldenkrais Method in Israel, New York, and now Minnesota, and has led weekly classes and workshops at premier health clubs and fitness centers in Manhattan and the Twin Cities. He brings to his teaching the unique background of a Master of Music Pedagogy degree from The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University and over 25 years of individual and class teaching experience.

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Rhonda Ohlson

For the past 35 years, Rhonda Ohlson has been on a quest to free her body and voice so she could stand up and speak out for herself.

She is an Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method, a Bones For Life Trainer, a Body Psychotherapist, a grandmother, a singer, and a dancer.

Her passion is working with women over 50 who want to share their wisdom and experience and shine brightly but who lack the confidence to be seen and heard because they are held back by shadows of the past.

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Robert Black

Rob found that his early interests in maths and physical sciences and in the essence of being human and fully aware were brought together in his studies of the Feldenkrais Method. Rob graduated from his Feldenkrais training program in 1991 and found the approach profoundly impacted his work as a Counsellor at a college. Has maintained a private practice plus contributed significantly to the profession in North America as the President of FGNA and internationally to the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) and the IFF’s Feldenkrais Materials programs. Rob maintains a private practice in Calgary, Canada.

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Ruth Frommer

Ruth Frommer is a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer who lives in Melbourne Australia. Ruth is also an Aikido Black Belt 6th Dan and an NLP Trainer. Ruth has a busy Feldenkrais practice which includes a number of online Feldenkrais classes and courses. Ruth sees people for individual Feldenkrais sessions and works at Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs as an Assistant Trainer. Ruth runs an Aikido Dojo in metropolitan Melbourne

Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser, a GCFP since 1996, is known for making the method relevant and meaningful to a wide variety of people. Scott’s performing background in classical music uniquely qualifies him to understand and effectively respond to the needs of his many performing arts clients. He has worked extensively with dancers from the NYC Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Stephen Petronio Company, performers from the group Steely Dan and Broadway musicals such as Hamilton, In The Heights, and Frozen. Scott also develops self-care programs, offering creative solutions to chronic pain and injury prevention at such venues as D.E. Shaw and the N.Y.U. Tisch School of Dance.

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James Nestor

James Nestor is an author and journalist who has written for Scientific American, Outside, The New York Times, The Atlantic, and more. His latest book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, was released May 26, 2020, by Riverhead/Penguin Random House. Breath was an instant New York Times and London Sunday Times bestseller and will be translated into more than 30 languages in 2021. Nestor’s first book, Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves, was published in 2014 and was a finalist for the 2014 PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing, an Amazon Best Science Book of 2014, and more. Nestor has presented his work at Stanford Medical School, the United Nations, Global Classroom (World Health Organization+UNICEF), as well as more than 60 radio and television shows, including Fresh Air with Terry Gross, the Joe Rogan Show, ABC’s Nightline, CBS Morning News, and dozens of NPR programs. He lives and breathes in San Francisco. More at mrjamesnestor.com.

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Patrick McKeown

The Breathing Cure (2021), Patrick’s newest book, is a deep dive into the science of breathing. It explores functional breathing for a wide range of health conditions, and breathing exercises suitable for adults, children, and teens. These unique exercises improve quality of life with better sleep, health, and performance. Patrick’s 2015 book, The Oxygen Advantage is available in fourteen languages and retains high review ratings on Amazon.

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